Friday, February 1, 2013

January a productive month for Viruses

It's only barely 2013 but cyber criminals are already hard at work.

The most popular viruses known so far this year are called Ransomware. It infects your system and literally takes control or your computer, blocking your access to most of it's functions. They like to disguise themselves often time by giving itself a government name. We've had a handful of clients calling us with suspicious "FBI Warnings". If the FBI is asking you for money via a pop-up....don't call them! Call US!

So here's the million dollar question.....How to you protect yourself? make sure that you are keeping everything up to date. Run your updates when they come in. Even better have them set up to run automatically. And even better than THAT is to sign up with our managed services and we'll make sure they're running FOR you! Also make sure that you're scanning your computer every couple weeks with your antivirus. Just having it installed on your computer doesn't completely protect you, you have to actually USE it!

So this year may be productive for malware and viruses, but you don't have to be a victim. Be diligent, and double think before you double click!

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