Thursday, May 17, 2012

What we need to know when you call in for service

What you need to know when requesting service –
First off we will need to know who you are. Let us know if we’ve worked with you before. Chances are if we have, we still have all your information on file.  Are you calling for your personal computer or a work computer…maybe even your smart phone? Give us a phone number that you can be reached at. We do a lot of schedule rearranging and if a spot opens we’ll give you a call.

The better you can describe the problem, the better equipped we will be to get it solved quickly and efficiently. Pay attention to what you were doing when the issue occurred.
                Were you on line?
                Were you trying to open a particular piece of software?
                How many programs were running at the time?

Also pay attention to any errors that may pop up. If you are getting an error message, make note of what it says and let us know. This may help us narrow down the cause of the issue a little quicker which can save you money.

Have you restarted your system? Sounds simple, but computers can get tired just like we do. An important part of the computer’s guts is it’s RAM. This stands for Random Access Memory. Every time you open something, or ask the computer to complete a task, it uses a piece of its RAM. When that gets full, the computer will have a hard time delegating its to-do lists. By restarting you are cleaning out that space and making it available again.

When you call in you will be speaking to Dispatch. (That’s me!) We are here to figure out who is best suited to help you with your problem. You will need to describe the problem to us before you can speak with a technician. Our technicians are generally very busy so it’s our job to juggle their popularity and ensure that you get the service you need as quickly as possible.

 It’s ok if you don’t know exactly what is going on. Just describe what you were doing in as much detail as you can.

We look forward to working with you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Welcome to our blog!

Hello Treasure Valley! 
We've got exciting news. With the up coming distribution of our Newsletter we realized it would be nice to have a place you could all go where you can look back at everything that's happening. We'll be keeping an archive of all the past newsletters and posting helpful information. Have a question about a topic we posted? Just leave a comment and we'll try to answer as best we can. 

Need tech help? We work with all varieties of technology; computers, networks, printers, scanners, email, phones, Mac's and much more.  Call us to schedule a tech to come to your home or small business. Don't have time to meet up with us? We'll work on your system in house as well. Just give us a call! (208)367-1000

We look forward to working with you and all your tech needs!

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The Treasure Valley IT Team